"Drop " teapot and large milk jug
                              Date of manufacturer: 1972
                              Designer: Professor Luigi Colani (born 1928)
                              Manufacturer: Rosenthal, Selb, Germany
                              Material: White porcelain
                              Dimensions: Teapot 21 cm (8") wide, by 11 cm (4") high
                              Selected for the 1972 Bundespreis Gute Form award
                              Part of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum collection
                              Selected for inclusion in the "Landmarks of 20th Century design" handbook by
                              Hiesinger and Marcus

                              Description:  Luigi Colani takes his design inspirations from nature,
                              creating organic shapes for cameras, futuristic cars and personal products.
                              He calls his style 'bio-design' and is a hydrodynamic version of the
                              streamlined design of the 1930s.
                              Colani was commissioned to design the tea service for Rosenthal's "studio
                              line" series.   Colani minimised the appearance of the lid and recessed the
                              handle within the body of the teapot. This achieved a clean profile that
                              gives the smooth outline of a teardrop, and at the same time allowing the    
                              pot to be held close to its centre of gravity, making it easy to pour.  The
                              milk jug has a similar streamlined styling.
                              Both items are in mint condition.


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